A Guide to Yilan Country Lodging Association

Yilan Country Lodging Association was established in January 2005. The Association was set up for the purpose of developing tourism, cultural development and promoting the Lodge industry in Yilan area. Being set up over the past few years, the association has also conducted education, training of Lodge members and organised Lodge operating workshops, to promote the industry's expertise. They are also active with other Lodging Associations in Taiwan for the exchange and organized recreational activities, several of the exchanges have been held allowing the conveyence of many ideas of lodge operation with people. In addition to these enhancements of overall Lodge services, the refinement of the lodge image also produced a positive response to the government's tourism policy.


If a dispute arises between consumer and association member during trading, the association will also safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of parties involved in the dispute. We hope that the enthusiasm of Yilan and the beauty of Yilan will be in every visitor's happy memories.


You can also visit the association's website to find out more about us. Do you often find many dazzled exaggerated self-promotional ads on a Lodge website? Picking a Lodge is just like choosing chocolate, only until the moment you taste it, can you know how it tastes. The Associations website is your communication bridge to quality Yilan Lodges, we are currently have 120 members, every one of them a quality Lodge, you are welcome to enjoy Yilan's beauty at Take your time!